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James brings a wealth of international, technical and business expertise, gained from many senior executive roles. Driving, nurturing and empowering teams to achieve exponential business growth, coupled with team and personal growth development.

With a technology foundation, born within BT and a transition into sales, this has enabled James to embrace technologies such as; IoT, UC, DT and CX to furnish his clients with the best possible advice and service.

James is the founder of disrupt-it, which focuses on driving sales within a Digitalised world, where he shares his experience and proven methodologies to provide inspirational change, team collaboration and unprecedented growth from vision through to fruition.

Disrupting the norm, to enable a business advantage.

Value Proposition

In this era of digital revolution, organisations need to build new business models based on digital opportunities. Today’s enterprises have a range of IT solutions at their disposal to proliferate operational efficiency and produce exceptional business capabilities. Unfortunately, most of these solutions work in silos (as do the people), and don’t have the much-required agility to realign operations quickly as per business requirement to meet the demands of their customers.

As a result, organisations miss the most profitable business opportunities and fail to deliver expected customer satisfaction and user experience. However, cleaning the vision of customers, they can thrive in the new digitalised world with new and strengthened revenues, a better cost position, more insight and a competitive advantage provided by new technology and a simplistic, proven methodology.

James accelerates sales growth, via an ‘end-to-end’ lifecycle journey of your business, so you can make a difference (every single day), to stay ahead and in the game.

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