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Sales Adjustment Bureau – Driving Business Growth (5 Steps)
  1. Initial Consultation – Understanding your vision & goals
  2. Internal Assessment – Extracting core values & challenges
  3. Team Collaboration – Measurements, Metrics & Accountability
  4. Digital Tools – Leveraging relevant Digitalisation
  5. Execution – Converting assets into Sales Excellence.
5 Steps to blow your targets, whilst creating better team collaboration and passion.

1st Step – a FREE initial Consultation, that will help us understand your business, what is your vision, mission, milestones, exit plan (if you have one) and goals.

2nd Step – a detailed Assessment of your business, internal processes, business tools, finances, organisation, GTM strategies, value proposition, competitor landscape, target customers and challenges (what is or isn’t working?).

3rd Step – Team Collaboration – understanding who’s who in your organisation, roles and responsibilities and how you currently collaborate on a daily basis. This will include tools, processes, metrics, departments, etc.

4th Step – Digitalisation – what tools/equipment (such as a CRM, UC, DT), including (legacy or new), are you using?

5th Step – Execution – sales acceleration, driving efficient time management, focus, out-of-the-box thinking, a simplistic, yet effective sales methodology. Selling YOUR perceived value, leveraging YOUR internal assets, now-how and expertise to be more effective at finding new sales opportunities, better sales negotiations, empowering YOUR internal teams, gaining a competitive edge, setting realistic targets, creating better teamwork and ensuring sales get the ball to score the deals. Coupled with Leadership coaching and team captains.

A ‘simple growth methodology’ that will yeild exponential results, whilst enabling team collaboration and drive self empowerment
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